Sorry, it's been awhile...

Hey all! I know it has been awhile...school has started! Homework, wedding planning, & cooking are always on my agenda! Tonight I had lettuce wraps! They are a great, lite, meal for you and your family! So many different food items you can put together for a great meal! I put in ham, turkey, cheese, etc. You also could try small pieces of chicken! That just sounds so yummy!

Oh...P.S. Here's my engagement ring! We are getting married June 3, 2011! I'm so blessed!



Hi all...I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but that is because....I'M ENGAGED! And way excited!!!


Good Day

Today has been a great day, and it's hardly started! I was able to keep up with my brother today at the Wellness Center, obviously with lighter weights, haha. It was so good to be back in that atmosphere where I just get excited to exercise.

We then went on to eat a spaghetti casserole that was given by a family friend during my mother's recovery. Always keeping your portions to the right size is what is important. This usually is my problem when eating. I love how the food tastes and just want to eat as much as I can. So...today I had a reasonable sized portion and I feel great!

One good workout exercise I learned today is a good one and I want to share! You take a weight (we used a round weight that goes on a barbell) and hold it straight out in front of you using both hands. Then you make 10 squares with that weight trying to keep your arms straight out in front of you and not letting your elbows bend much or become closer to your body. Break after those 10 squares. Next do the same thing but only move your arms in a circle motion. Next try a triangle. It really works the shoulders and I also could feel it in my core a little bit. It feels great! Try it during your next workout!


Today I traveled to my home town, where my parents live. I love being home. There is just something about it that I really get excited to come home each time. It's the place I grew up and loved throughout my childhood. I haven't seen my family in a little while and my mother is laid up due to surgery and a blood clot. Please pray for her recovery, it is slow but going well so far.

While driving takes up much of the day, no exercise for me today...tomorrow on the other hand (or later today I guess) I plan to work out with my younger brother. He plays college basketball and baseball, is much stronger, has more stamina, and will probably out do me. But none the less...I'm ready for a challenge! Check back to see how it went!


Bedtime Snack

You're never too old to have a bedtime snack are you? Try this for something new! An apple with peanut better is a delight! But make sure you only have 1 tablespoon on peanut butter or the calories add up!

Summer Days

Just went for a bike ride with one of my best friends. First of all, biking just makes me feel so good about myself. I got a little exercise while chatting with a great person. It was a great break after working, running errands, and thinking I have more cleaning to be done. There is just so much time in the day during the summer for getting things done. Why can't everyday be just as great as today? ;)



Isn't it the best feeling after you have cleaned up a messy house?! I usually have to work myself up to it, because I dread it so much. But after I'm done, it just makes me feel as if I have accomplished so much and I now live in the most clean place! What a great day!